Hard and Soft Plastic Baits and Tackle

Hard And Soft Plastic Baits and Tackle Is What We Do

Baitlicious is a locally owned manufacturer of hard and soft plastic baits and tackle for both fresh and saltwater fishing. Our baits can be purchased here on our website, our Instagram and Facebook pages, or when we visit lakes or fishing piers in Central Florida with our mobile tackle service.

New Color! Marinara

New Color! Motor Oil Red/ Black Flake

Soft Plastics

Fresh and Saltwater, Bass and Crappie. The sky is the limit!

Hard Plastic Baits

Custom Crankbaits, Jerkbaits and Surface Lures

Buzz Baits, Jigs and Spinners

Buzz Baits, Jigs and Spinners

Premium Quality

Best Value For Your Money

Flat Rate Shipping

Shipping is $7.00 on any order

100% Made In USA

Made in Central Florida

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