Baitlicious Unhinged Craw


Tight lines and fat bags are what you get with the Baitlicious Unhinged Craw!

  • 4″ long
  • Durable Plastic
  • 6 pkg.

The Baitlicious Unhinged Craw is a Craw bait that drives Bass crazy! Outstanding flapping action is achieved with its thin arms reach out to pincers with a thicker edge. The Baitlicious Unhinged Craw also has a nice meaty body for easy rigging and is made with a firmer plastic for durability. The Unhinged Craw is right at home fished Texas rigged, Carolina Rigged, or as a jig trailer.


Green Pumpkin, Junebug, Mudbelly, Bruised Banana, Redbug, Moonjuice, Blue Craw Laminate, Sungill, Fresh Cut Grass, Bluegill, Midnight

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