Baitlicious Dash Worm


Baitlicious Dash Worm

5 3/4″ or 7″ Magnum sizes

5 3/4″ 8pk.

7″ 6pk.

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Baitlicious Dash Worm

The 7″ Dash Worm is designed to trigger predatory instincts in bass, just like its 5 3/4″ cousin, but in a size that is tempting to the biggest bass in the lake. It combines the realistic look and action of a worm with a hook shaped tail for maximum water disturbance. You can use it as a topwater, swim it below the surface or rig it Texas or Carolina style – the tail will elicit a bite when others fail.


5 3/4", 7"


White, Green Pumpkin, Junebug, Midnight, Black, Peppered Bubblegum, Baby Bass, Okeechobee Craw, Bruised Banana, Sungill, Mudbelly, Kiwi, Watermelon, Watermelon Red, Redbug, Marinara

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