Baitlicious 5 Inch Stick Worm


Baitlicious 5 Inch Stick Worm

The #1 bait for Largemouth Bass right here in the most effective colors!

  • Sinking plastic formula for durability and less salt
  • Amazing sink rate and action
  • 8 Baits to a pack
  • Solid, swirl and laminate colors
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Baitlicious 5 Inch Stick Worm

The tender plastic Baitlicious Stick Stick Worm’s motion offers fish a completely diffused but impossible to resist motion that may be utilized in any type of fishing situation. Baitlicious utilizes a sinking plastic formula and half of the salt of other companies to insure durability and color fastness. Whether Texas rigged, wacky fashion or pitched into heavy cover, the Baitlicious Stick Worm combines a perfect fall rate and diffused wiggling motion, make it a need to have Sick Worm for any critical bass angler. The Stick Worm is to be had in 5″ and lots of colors.


Redbug, Sungill, Green Pumpkin, Black W/Blue Flake, Okeechobee Craw, Bluegill, Baby Bass, Midnight, Junebug

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