About Us

We Work Hard To Provide You The Best Quality Soft Plastic Baits And Fishing Tackle

We are Baitlicious

We are thinkers, designers, makers… combined with being fishermen. This combination brings you unique, handcrafted, baits borne from situations you may face on the water. We produce custom quality baits available on a quick timeline so you can have them to fish and win this weekend.
We have a strong appreciation for quality products built here in the USA, so we keep all elements of our manufacturing here. Baitlicious, LLC is a wholly owned brand of Great Outdoors Shops, LLC. Great Outdoors Shops is a name synonymous with top-quality fishing and outdoor products located in Central Florida.

Our Manufacturing Sources:

Lead and plastic pouring – US Made

Packaging – US Made

Labeling and Decals – US Made

Skirting Material – Imported

Hook – Dependent on Manufacturer

Skirt Assembly/Tying – US Labor

Final Bait Assembly – US Labor


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